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Fender® Stratocaster® Strat® Telecaster® Tele® and the distinctive headstock and body designs of the Strat® and Tele® guitars, are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and used herein with express written permission. All rights reserved.

Bob Hewitt (pictured left with Buddy Merrill) has the benefits of his expertise behind the camera and his extraordinary archive of many years photographing and interviewing the true greats of the music business. A self-confessed 'guitar nut' his energy and enthusiasm for the Strat® Masters project has been one of its major driving forces. Mike Bayley Hughes (pictured filming Mark Knopfler) has over 25 years experience in broadcast television and as a documentary film maker. Working primarily with his son, sound recordist and editor, Sion Bayley Hughes they have a technical, compact and highly mobile set-up that can film and edit virtually anywhere. Incidentally, the Stratocaster® pictured on this page is Mike's own personal guitar!

Producing a documentary on this scale has been a truly epic undertaking. With tight filming schedules, a truly global range of locations and some of the biggest names in musical history, Strat Masters has emerged as THE history of this classic guitar. Our crew has travelled thousands of miles between London, Los Angeles and back to our production suite here in Wales, the result is awe inspiring. Our grateful thanks go out to all the people who helped make this possible, the enthusiasts, historians and above all the musicians who weave the magic that only the Strat® can make.

First of all, the team at Strat Masters would like to say a BIG thank you to all our valued customers who have purchased the DVD over the past 12 months .Thanks to you, Strat Masters has become the biggest selling DVD to document the history of the world’s most famous electric guitar. Please keep those orders coming in - either via our website right here, our EBay store - or in quality music stores throughout the world via our exclusive worldwide distributors - Hal Leonard Corporation of Milwaukee, USA. Strat Masters has received great reviews from the worldwide media - both in print and online. We are also featured on the Fender and Seymour Duncan webpages - plus many other official and non-official sites relating to Fender and the fabulous musicians who took part in the film.

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