The Wait is Over...

Rory playing like he is in the film!

The film arrived safely, I have just finished watching it, I think it is amazing, it is great to see the footage of Rory playing like he is in the film, such a nice man and a true Strat Master without a doubt, you all did a great job with the film, I was really pleased to be included in it, Thank You. I thought everyone in it came across really well, I enjoyed the factory shots too, some good information from everyone also, keep up the great work.

I'm honored that we're the first viewers of the finished product. I can already tell you from what I've seen so far, that it's a first-class production - I'm very proud to play a part in it I got the DVDs last night and watched Disc 2 twice already. Excellent work. I can't imagine a more comprehensive look at a particular guitar. I’ve watched the entire DVD. I really do enjoy it. I think you’ve zeroed in on the proper story line that focuses on both the players and the guitar. You certainly don’t need to be a guitarist to enjoy this multi-facetted DVD. Information is presented in an entertaining and informative way through a skilful weaving of historical narrative, archive footage and absorbing interviews, together with fascinating glimpses into the making of ‘Strats’ at Fender’s factory at Corona in California.

Over the years I have watched numerous documentaries about the Fender Stratocaster and, put simply, Strat Masters is the best I have seen. Just to let you know my landlord is loving his Strat Masters DVD he watches it over and over (even when i am trying to sleep!) he is indeed very pleased! Buddy Merrill's segment was outstanding and his music clips were quite a contrast to any other sounds . The interview was super. Congratulations on a first class informative production.

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